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The airwaves and television channels are abuzz with talks of vaccinations – two specifically: the Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccines currently being rolled out across the UK to vulnerable groups. Many of our clients who visit our veterinary surgery in Eden Park, Beckenham, hail from Bromley – an area fairly hard struck by the virus. Some will be receiving this vaccine in the coming months with a deep sense of relief, spying the “light at the end of the tunnel” after an extremely tough 2020. As vets, we wish to use the opportunity to talk a bit about some other highly important vaccinations that should not be ignored: the ones that our furry friends receive to help keep them fit and healthy.

So that’s the subject of today’s blog, in which we’ll detail some of the core vaccines that all cats, dogs and rabbits should be receiving. We provide them all here at our veterinary surgery, just a short journey from Bromley. If you’re yet to book in your animal companion for the shots covered and want further advice on when a vaccination should be delivered, simply give our friendly vets a call on 020 8658 2300

A Few Essential Vaccinations for Cats, Dogs & Rabbits

Dogs – Some of the most important vaccinations that dogs should be receiving include protection from parvovirus, an extremely contagious disease that can quickly spread throughout a dog’s system. It’s transferred via contact with faeces, and untreated, its mortality rate is upward of 90%. Other key vaccinations our vets cannot better stress the importance of include shots for leptospirosis and distemper. The former is a bacterial infection passed through rat urine via contaminated water supplies and bodies. This could be anything from a puddle, to a pond or lake near Bromley where you like to walk your dog… so prevention is key.

The latter spreads through the air, making it an equally difficult to isolate issue that calls for vaccination. Most common in young dogs whose immune systems have yet to fully develop, it is often fatal. Hepatitis is another essential jab for all Bromley residing canines, as it is incurable and can lead to serious symptoms such as liver failure and seizures, and eventually prove fatal.

Cats - Feline Herpesvirus (FHV) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV) can each lead to the fairly innocuously-sounding cat flu. But it’s far more serious than its name might imply, and can lead to complications following on from eye ulcers, including long-term and serious eye damage. A veterinary surgery – like ours near Bromley – will recommend vaccination to avoid this eventuality. Feline enteritis can prove fatal, and causes vomiting fits and diarrhoea. Feline leukaemia, like the human variation, ravages the immune system and can leave a cat defenceless against bacteria and subsequent viral infections. All three can be prevented via the common vaccinations administered by vets.

Rabbits – Two of the core vaccinations our vets recommend Bromley rabbit owners opt for include myxomatosis, a disease that progresses at a rapid pace and can kill the effected rabbit in under 10 days. Then there is Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease, of which there are two discrete variants. Both cause internal bleeding, can be easily passed between rabbits, and can eventually prove fatal. At Eden Park Veterinary Surgery, we can administer both and provide you with peace of mind. Safeguarding against the above issues via the minimum discomfort of a vaccination is a no brainer! So book in with our Eden Park Veterinary Surgery near Bromley.

You can reach us on 020 8658 2300. Amongst Bromley’s cat, dog and rabbit owners – there are few more popular vets than those at Eden Park Veterinary Surgery.

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